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Our History

Logical Concept is an European company, whose main activity is to analyze, develop and market Human Resource Management solutions in the international environment.
Logical Concept began operations in Belgium in 1997, providing IT consulting services to Human Resource corporations in the European Union and Asia, leading implementation projects and developing custom applications for these corporations.
Later, in 2000, Logical Concept continued to develop its activities in Latin America by becoming a leader in administrative management solution for small, medium and large companies.

Why using Logical Concept Software ?

Nowadays, companies face a globalized business world, where they compete to maintain financial capabilities, and to be more efficient and profitable.
With Logical Concept products, your company will have the tools which will allow you to compete in this new world and guide it to customization and, therefore, to growth. 
Logical Concept’s products have exceptional prices; it is easy to use, innovative and has an excellent post-sales service.

Our service skills

We deliver global integrated and adapted IT solutions to the Interim 20 years strong of Interim experience

Our products skills

  • Web based tools
  • Integrated solution
  • Mobile solutions

Our key value

  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Proximity
  • Customized solution

Why choose us ?

Better than an IT Solution, we are your Specialist & Solid Business Partner